Photo Booths

Unique Photo Booths

Do you require a bespoke experience for your brand? We collaborate with some of the most well-known businesses in the world to produce captivating visual content through our Photo Booths, that users will want to share online.

Mini Photo Booth

Hockey Champions Taxi Photo Booth

Custom Built Photo Booth for sale

Custom Built Photo Booth for sale

Taxi Photo Booth Promotion

Taxi Photo Booth Promotion

Photo Pod Activation

Vintage Wall Activation

Little Mix Promotion

Ascot Race Course Promotion

Tottenham Hotspur Taxi Karaoke Booth

Tottenham Hotspur Taxi Karaoke Booth

Taxi Karaoke Booth

Charity Photo Booth

Charity Photo Booth

Step and Shoot Booth

Ascot Mini Photo Booth

Moschino Photo Activation

Fiat 500 Photo Booth

Nivea UV Photo Booth

Glitter Pod Photo Booth

Wedding Taxi Photo Booth

We provide unforgettable moments! and the most distinctive photo booths in London. We can help you immortalise your celebration! Add a professional photo booth to your corporate event in London, to enhance the memories that your guests will take away.

Red Phone Box Photo Booth

Custom Built Photo Booth

Custom Built Photo Booth

Photo Shoot london

Alpine Ski Shoot

Taxi Photo Booth

London Photo Booths

Christmas Photo Booth

Any occasion is ideal for the one-of-a-kind experience provided by our activations, they are a proven way to make priceless memories at any occasion, from weddings and corporate gatherings to birthday parties and everything in between.

Vogue Magazine Booth

Glitter Wall Photo Pod

UV Party Photo

We have been leading the world of photo activations for over a decade, a unique solution for your corporate event or wedding.

Photo Booths

Are you looking for a special approach to record and save memories from your upcoming event? Check out our excellent options right away!

We provide a wide range of solutions that can be altered to suit your unique requirements and financial constraints. Your images will be of the greatest quality thanks to the modern cameras and lighting systems in our photo booths. Additionally, we offer entertaining props and accessories to make your photoshoot more enjoyable and your images even more special.

Vintage Wall Photo Booth

Photo Bed Activation

Make sure your event is one to remember!

If you are hosting a wedding, corporate, or brand event. Our personalised Booths will keep you and your guests delighted for hours with our expert services.

Vintage Car Photo Booth

Naturally, here at Coco, we adore picture booths! The idea of squeezing into a small space with your friends and family, getting your picture taken, and obtaining a print is incredibly nostalgic. You may find our photo prints attached to fridges, walls, and offices all over London and the UK. 



Photo Booths

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