White Taxi Photo Booth

Our London-based White Taxi Photo Booths offer a unique and fun photo booth experience that is perfect for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Our taxi photo booths are a creative and memorable way to take pictures with friends and family.

White taxi photo booth

White taxi photo booth

White taxi photo booth

White taxi photo booth White taxi photo booth

White taxi photo booth

Our White taxi Photo Booth ain the Great Room at the Grosvenor House Hotel Park Lane.

Wedding taxi photo booth

White taxi photo booth

London Bridal Week with our White Taxi Photo Booth

Floral taxi photo booth

White taxi photo booth

We have a rose covered White Taxi Photo Booth, perfect for weddings.

Flower taxi photo booth

Ascot photo booth

We are a frequent Visitor to Ascot providing great fun for the visitorsWhite taxi photo booth Taxi photo booth

“Our white taxi photo booths” are unique in that they are designed from a traditional black cab, adding an element of novelty and charm to any event. The photo booths are equipped with high-quality cameras and lighting equipment that ensure that you get the best possible pictures. The cameras and lighting are state-of-the-art, meaning that you can expect top-notch image quality.

To make your photo-taking experience even more fun, we provide a range of props and accessories. These accessories are designed to add a touch of fun and creativity to your pictures, making them even more memorable. Our team is dedicated to making sure that you have a great time with our photo booths. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their event is a success and that the photo booths are tailored to their specific needs.

Our photo booths are easy to use, so you can focus on enjoying your event rather than worrying about complicated technology. We offer a variety of packages that can be customised to meet your needs and budget. This means that you can choose the package that best suits your event and your wallet.

At a competitive price point and with excellent customer service, we are the perfect choice for your next event. Don’t hesitate to contact us to book your taxi photo booth experience and create unforgettable memories that you will cherish for years to come!